Last Updated: May 16, 2023

Please ensure that you read and understand all of these terms and conditions carefully before using the application and the features contained therein, upon completing the registration process or continuing your use of the Remontada FC website and its services.

Remontada Athletic Terms of Use:

Obtaining a certificate granted by the Authority that authorizes the licensee to practice any visual, audio or read advertising content for the purpose Marketing a product or service with or without charge and what is agreed upon between the licensee or his representative, and between The service provider discloses what is being shown or broadcasted, whether it is advertising material or any material containing material Advertising in return for money, in-kind, my services, or the like, through the methods described in this DocumentThe licensee is prohibited from enabling any other person or party to use the licensed account, and the use is limited to Surnames or names belonging to the licensee and approved by the Authority according to the license​The licensee must comply with the disclosure in the advertisement submitted, according to its nature, as follows:

  • Ads are for a fee .
  • Ads free of charge .
  • A meaningful statement stating that what is offered in return for the advertisement is material or in-kind consideration, or their equivalent .
  • Any mark indicating praise for a service or commodity, with or without money .
  • Evidence of gratitude for a service or commodity provided to the licensee as a result .
  • Any endorsement of the service or commodity advertised .
  • No discounts offered for advertising .
  • Types of gratitude indicative of any financial or other consideration .
  • Cases that require the licensee to sponsor a good or service .
  • Cases where the licensee is an ambassador for a product .

The general conditions for advertising are as follows :

  • The licensee must make it clear in an unambiguous manner that what is displayed is advertising or promotional material .
  • In the event that the advertisement is in Arabic, the licensee shall use a hashtag or any sign in the Arabic language indicating
  • However, the material is an advertisement, taking into account the use of other languages​​if the advertisement is in a language other than Arabic .
  • The commodity to be advertised must be clearly displayed .
  • It is prohibited to disclose the advertising material through a separate link or through pictures or words that lead
  • Clicking on it takes you to another page .
  • The advertisement must not be derived from another advertisement .
  • The disclosure is reasonably clear and understandable .
  • Not to disclose any kind of confusion about the advertising content

The terms of the advertisement shall be according to the following :

The licensee shall be bound by the methods of disclosure through the following :

      Audio ads (including ads via "podcasts")
    • The voice should be clear to the audience and appropriate.
    • It should be mentioned that the audio material is an advertisement.
    • The advertisement shall be disclosed in the same language used.
    • The disclosure should be at the beginning of the advertisement broadcast.
      Audio and video advertisements
      (this applies to clips of short and limited duration, It also includes those in which the video clip is silent).
    • The logo of the product or service should be clear in the advertisement .
    • The color should be in contrast to the background color shown in the advertisement .
    • In cases where the broadcast is live, an indication that the material displayed is advertising must be displayed in The beginning, middle, and end of the clip repeatedly, provided that there is no time spacing between the periods In which it is mentioned that the material is advertising.
    • It should be mentioned that the audio and video material is advertising .
      Written advertisements
    • To write stating that the article is advertising .
    • If the advertisement is written, the language used must be identical to the language used in the advertisement The advertisement, and if another language is used besides Arabic, the disclosure shall be in Arabic.
    • The handwriting should be clear and legible.
    • It is not permissible to hide the tag or any sign indicating that the material to be displayed is advertising, or that it is That article is in the middle of other texts.
    • In the event that there are written texts that include tags, the tag related to the advertisement must be at the beginning of the text .
    • Access to the advertisement shall not be by "clicking" on a separate link.
    • To write stating that the article is advertising .
    • To write stating that the article is advertising .
    • If there is writing within the image, the font must be clear and legible .
    • It is not permissible to hide the tag or any sign indicating that the material to be displayed is advertising .
    • The image of the product should be clear

    The following must be adhered to regarding the agreement between the parties

  • The relationship between the licensee or his representative and the service provider or the commodity to be advertised must be regulated them under a written agreement.
  • It is prohibited to display or broadcast any advertising or promotional material without the existence of any aspect of the contract or agreement, on the Define its terms clearly.
  • The service or commodity provider must have a legal entity in the Kingdom.
  • In the event that the licensee is the same owner of the right to dispose of the offered service or commodity, then he must Existence of a legal entity in the Kingdom.
  • In the event of agreement on advertising content between the licensee and the service or commodity provider, the licensee shall A statement of the period allowed for displaying the advertisement, provided that the time period is specified in the agreement concluded between both parties.
  • Any terms or restrictions on advertising under the agreement must be stated.
  • In the event that there is one or more advertising partners, this must be indicated.
  • The spatial scope to be agreed upon must be stipulated in the agreement.
  • The advertisement should be specific to the service or commodity provider Provide reliable authorization
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